Bfg Boots Unisex Removable Sports Baseball Cap Safety Anti-Spitting Hat Outdoor Waterproof Dustproof Visor Hats Foldable Anti-Saliva Protective Cap

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-Anti-saliva protective cap caneffectively prevent liquid from splashing from the front and sides, isolate thevirus in saliva, and can breathe freely. Anti-saliva protective capwork with masks will be better.
-Anti-saliva protective cap is acost-effective safety cover and hat,Anti-spitting protective hat is durable for it can be reusedafter cleaning and disinfection with alcohol wipes without frequentreplacement.
-Wide field of vision and transparent protectivecover of Anti-spitting protective hat will not affect yoursight.
-Fashion appearance, unique fashion design,prevent you from embarrassing situation at the time of protect yourself.
-The best gift for your family and thecomprehensive protection of your family will better show your love to them.
-Anti-spitting protective hat canbe used outdoors or at work. The protective cap has a drawstring, which canfirmly fix the anti-saliva protective cap without worrying about thewind falling.
-Soft cotton material makessafety face shield cover comfortable to wear. It is suitable formen, women and children.

Material: High-quality cotton material +ABS
Size: 58-61cm /22-24inch.
Colour: Black

Tips: Please washanti-saliva protective cap with water or wipe with alcohol before useto ensure safety and comfort.
Tips: Wearing a mask with theanti-spitting protective hat will be more effective.
Tip: removable Transparent mask with saliva protection cap.

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  • [2 in 1 design Anti-spitting Protective Hat]Fisherman hat + safety face shield cover, 2 in 1 design anti-spitting protective hat has dual functions, offer splash-proof peotection whether from the side or the front, protect your face and eyes perfectly. And this anti-saliva protective cap suitable for both men and women. (Friendly note: this safety face shield cover is not removable)
  • [Comprehensive Protection]Anti-saliva protective cap offer you more comprehensive protection than masks, effectively block saliva, dust, harmful particles, rain, etc, serves as a safety shield for men and women to guard face and eyes. It is recommended that you use the anti-spitting protective hat with a mask that meets medical protection requirements, add extra protection to your health especially in public.
  • [Widely Used]this anti-spitting protective hat not only blocks saliva, sneezes, etc., preventing them from splashing directly onto the face and eyes. In fact, you can use this anti-saliva protective cap in many scenarios in daily life. For example, it can prevent wind and sand, dust while riding; or you can use this safety face shield anti-spitting hat in cooking to prevent hot oil from splashing on your face.
  • [Premium Material]The anti-spitting protective hat made of high-quality materials, the anti-saliva protective cap uses cotton material for comfortable wearing, and the safety face shield cover is made of transparent, safe and environmentally friendly materials will not harm your body or block your sight, does not affect your walking or playing with your phone.. Overall this anti-spitting protective hat is safe, durable, comfortable.
  • [Friendly Customer Service]this anti-spitting protective hat is specially designed for the health of you and your friends and family, is a good choice for your family and friends. Wish everyone good health.If you have questions or problems about this anti-saliva protective cap, please feel free to let us know, we will solve your problems in time and make you satisfied.