Don Bugito Planet-Friendly Edible Insect Protein Snacks (Dark Chocolate Covered Crickets)

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Flavor:Dark Chocolate Covered Crickets

Toasted crickets hand dipped in chocolate, a sustainable treat! CHOCOLATE COVERED CRICKETS (NO DAIRY AND NO EGGS, GLUTEN FREE) QTY: 19-25 Crickets Aprox .80oz Ingredients: Toasted Crickets, 85% Guittard Bittersweet Chocolate (cacao beans, sugar, cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin, vanilla beans), Sea Salt.

  • Don Bugito, the Prehispanic Snackeria, is a San Francisco based company focused on planet-friendly protein snacks, featuring delicious edible insects in savory and sweet flavors. Born at La Cocina, Don Bugito focuses on treats inspired by Pre-Columbian Mexican cuisine and is always working toward re-inventing ancestral food.
  • These toasted farmed crickets are hand dipped in Guittard's bittersweet dark chocolate and topped with sea salt. They are a great healthy and sustainable treat full of protein and fiber! All of Don Bugito’s crickets come from a farm dedicated to raising the highest quality insects for human consumption. Crickets are farmed and raised with a natural diet of bran and carrots.
  • Despite the fact that edible insects are objectively delicious, for some, it requires a bit of bravery to take the leap. Edible insects hold huge potential as an ingredient to create new and delicious foods, but the more you know about the benefits associated with edible insects the easier and more enjoyable the experience becomes.