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Moochie The Slacker Sloth

Ambition. Dreams. Passion. Desire to wear pants.

Moochie The Slacker Sloth lacks all of these qualities, and is totally mellow with it. In fact, he prefers his carefree days … and nights … on the couch.


Moochie’s story didn’t start out this way.

Once upon time, Moochie was a bright-eyed optimist, with hopes and dreams of success and world domination. The car. The house. The job. He could have had it all…

Then, adulthood happened.
After a couple years of carpool lanes, interoffice memos, and college loans, he realized that being a grownup blows. So, he devised a plan…

To do absolutely zilch. There’s nothing that makes him happier than lounging on the couch all day, watching the clock tick by while everyone else suffers the daily grind. Life in the slow lane is Moochie’s greatest success, and he relishes every last moment of an existence with zero expectations.

Now, Moochie is the unsung hero of every adult who’s had enough of the rat race, but lacks the level of commitment it takes to truly let life roll by.

Living the Dream for You

Moochie the Slacker Sloth is a soft, cuddly, plush sloth who embodies the guilt-free, sedentary lifestyle we all secretly dream of at some point in our life … or day. He’s happiest on the couch, but you can take him anywhere you need someone to do some hardcore chilling for you. He won’t mind, because as long as he has his plush beer and smoke in hand, he’s more than happy to roll with anything, totally stress-free.

Includes: Stuffed Animal, Detachable Beer Bottle, Detachable Smoke, and Gift Tag

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  • LOVING LIFE IN THE SLOW LANE – Moochie has successfully realized his ultimate dream – working hard at doing nothing all day long. As long as he has a beer and a smoke, he’s totally blissed out on letting life roll right on by.
  • MOOCHIE: SUPER SECRET HERO TO THE EVERYMAN – Deep down, this lovable rogue is the envy of all the stressed-out, fed up runners in today’s rat race. He could have it all, he just simply doesn’t care to try that hard. Ever.
  • NOTHING BUT TIME TO BURN – Moochie’s commitment to underachieving affords him an endless supply of time to devote to his hobbies: binge-watching TV, trolling corporate social media profiles, and mastering the art of competitive napping - all without putting down his trusty bottle.
  • ALL THE SLOTH LIFE ESSENTIALS – Moochie has everything he needs to maintain his stationary lifestyle. His soft, plush beer and smoke are attached to his paws with Velcro, so he never has to leave the couch. He rocks a white tank top and zero pants, because he once heard to dress for the job you want, not the job you have, and he’s not about to take any chances.
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR MOOCHIE: Every Moochie the Slacker Sloth includes a customizable gift tag with slots to fill in your lazy sloth’s given and sloth names to add a personal touch to your favorite unsung hero.